Love Is Us

Apr 14, 2010


Open Yourself Fully to the ALL...
To the LOVE that YOU ARE!
What do You have to lose?
Your life....?  You don't have a life...
We Are Life, Itself

Stop thinking about it, NOW
)You 'can'(

Don't try to do anything....about it! 
  Absolutely, don't try
'Trying' does not exist, anyway!
If You don't "get" the teaching of 'Mary/Mary(Mag)' (MM- the double/triple "V")....   Truly does not matter!!!!   If You do... You reside In Paradise... (this is the only difference... You either know that You Are In Paradise.... or.....  You don't!!!    SIMPLE!!!)

the four "v"s
ie: mother/daughter/father/son
In One
('matters' only for the transition!) 

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