Love Is Us

Apr 29, 2010


I feel moved to speak Out about innocence.. With awakening We realize that from the moment We are "born" in form on this planet....Our True Nature, has ONLY every, every blessed second! (lol)..... Only the mind "tells" Us otherwise through conditioning. A child,..... Look at Yourself, as this child....(the child Is Who You Are)....the Only thing We, EVER.....strive for (in ego unconsciousness) is to FEEL the LOVE....that We know, deep withIn....that We Are. This Innocence/Love never leaves Us..... We remember It, once the mind becomes Still.
A child learns to avoid pain, at all costs, because the mind learns or is conditioned to 'believe' that it needs to find Love outside of itself (from parents, caregivers...first)... It is important, of course, that a parent recognizes the child as this Love... Yet, of course, the conditioned parent will bring their own conditioned reactions to the child.... You catch my drift...

To See this In Ourselves....It is take Our Vision back to the child (to reclaim Her!)...and See that every single step is coming from Innocence/Love... and then Move forward Into the Now... and See that this has been the same for each step.... You can never BE dis-honest, un-Loving, hateful, spiteful, wrong, right, on and on.... that Is Never the Truth of Who We Are.
(only the mind tells us so, and the mind is not Real...once it is gone.... dis-Integrated In the Heart)

Once You ...clearly See this In Yourself.... See It In another person.... Innocence Is at the Heart of every action.

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