Love Is Us

Feb 24, 2010

Reflection on Gratitude

Actually, We never make “choices,” ignorant or intelligent. We have All been mad and when You realize that, You realize the freedom in Your Heart. It is always there, You just didn’t See It. And thus, the Gratitude You speak of comes from the Heart where it always resides. There Are no steps to be taken.

There is nothing wrong with what You ask; You come to understand the basic injustice of the mind and stop thinking,** period.  The playing field is level as It Is. You cannot “improve” another’s life situation from the outside. You only know that Only Love Is Real. True Love.

We Are All Love

We Are {already} perfect, as Life Itself

** What does "stop thinking" mean?  It means that You realize that there is not a connection between thoughts and reality.  As this realization become clearer, to You, You no longer use definitions and ideas as the description of Your life experience.  You Are Aware that Life is so much deeper than words can describe.  You do not mistake the words for Reality.  It is difficult to use words to describe this existence that is In-describable.  What We Are... No-thing... a no-thing that is vast, infinite... an Infinite Sea of Love


Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I am not fully, always, aware of what you speak of, Doreen. But I have experienced glimpses of 'it' ... and so on some level 'know' what you are talking about. I am challenged to carry on a 'normal' conversation these days; I speak much less than I used to and recognize how much conversation is comprised of *opinions* ... of which I used to have many, and I was never hesitant to express them! I feel much more peace now, without so many opinions.

Doreen said...

I love to view this "process" as a kind-of "catch-22"...we continue to communicate with words that cannot "communicate" the depth we know...and Yet!...we are no longer bound by the limitations inherent in words...freedom rings throughout our expressions!

Doreen said...

Although...the "catch-22" is now, a "release-22"