Love Is Us

Feb 11, 2010

About the virgin Mary

The idea of virgin is:
Innocence/Love... in the sense that everything we Are and do in our lives is born of innocence/ our core.

This essential part of each person is always there, and functioning... only the egoic mind obscures our inherently "pure" intentions.

I see Mother Mary/Daughter Mary Magdalene... to be the combination of the Silent teaching... balancing the Father/Son Jesus teaching to be: the Voice of the Silent way of Allow.

In other words, also, the Mary(s) are Conscious Beings...Equal to Jesus + the Father.

the removal of this teaching has been by way of the egoic suppression of these truths, in favor of controlling the masses...albeit with "conscious"

The removal of the Mother essence from the Father god...

Recognizing the Her, as also, Lover... the representation of the Sacred marriage within each of Us.

The removal of the Mary(Magdalene) as Lover with Jesus as Lover...
In other words, the Trinity is essentially Mother/Father(True Heart), Mary as(mother/Lover) + Jesus as(father/Lover)...on either side of the Heart.

The Divine Unity of Feminine and Masculine withIn Us All. 

We Are All Equal with Jesus, and Now, We Bring "Back" Mary... to balance the True Teaching. (available to everyone through the Heart)

Thanks everyone for Listening,
In OneLove,
ps: whether these cast of characters were historical figures, compilations of people or mythical.... makes no difference!!!  To the Truth. (there are several myths/legends/tales/knowings that point to the same Truth!)


Yvonne said...

Thank you!
Esp. for posting this ... you know where :-)
Again it balanced a lot.

Doreen said...

Thank You!
For Your support!
I honor it, deeply...