Love Is Us

Oct 13, 2009

(You can listen to the voice of medea/Yvonne, reading this... it is located above, Oct 29, We Are Vessels of Love)

We are all vessels of love. If you listen to your thoughts about it you won't believe me. For many, the love is covered over with just thoughts, words, concepts, an ego... a belief. Our experience comes from nowhere and our thoughts about it tell us to doubt our experiences; to make even the experiences become concepts, nullified and void of Life.

**You sense life through your heart, but the mind has wanted to take over. It believes that the heart is foolish, needs more evidence, cannot be trusted. We, actually, do not know where this "heart," I speak of, is located... it is not a thing (I can know this, but I cannot convince you to know it.) This is not essential for knowing. Knowing is not coming from thoughts. You cannot define knowing; the word "knowing" is not adequate to show you what I am talking about, because I'm not able to talk about it.

**Especially, when we judge another human being. We judge another human being as if they had a choice in choosing their experiences. As if they had a choice to be born (one could argue that the soul chooses, which may be true, but it would appear that most humans have had a forgetting, at birth?) This too is mental speculation. Not important. We cannot live each others' lives, which we attempt to do with each judgment. We cannot know another experience, ever... but we can sense our own and in this feel the connection to others, as we all experience Life. Whether, conscious or unconscious of this fact.

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