Love Is Us

Jun 16, 2009

An Archive of Vessels Transmuting around the World and Those Awaiting Departure

!!!!TRANSMUTATION LIGHT VESSELS have been re-Dedicated to Being VESSELS OF LOVE!!!!
<><><><>Substance: Copper Wire +/- Beads +/- Fibers<><><><>
Action: KNIT/Weave/Sew/Transform 3D lines In To <> Vessels/Wall hangings for Inside and/or Outside Spaces

*VESSELS OF LOVE*:::Serve as Receptacles for Releasing constriction/Dissolving constraints/Neutralizing opposition

*Conduitive/Conductive-Container+Transmitters for Inner+Outer Magnetic+Electro Energy:::Bathed In 4D/5D/6D +- to Infinite Energy
<><><><>Wash~Infused with Air+Earth{sometimes Rain & Sea}

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